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Home Green Certification
Real Estate Environmental & Energy Certification

Exclusively for the real estate industry educating on energy efficiency, sustainability and green building relating to each of the 4 major disciplines.

Green Certification Courses  

green agent course
The Agent course

green inspector course
Inspector course
green mortgage course
Mortgage course
green appraiser course
Appraiser course
 construction course
Building Trade Courses
 green mortgage course

 The first Certification is Level One- Green Leadership:

Series will continue through 2012 -Future Focus on Green Design, Systems, Materials, Mortgage Products, Tax Incentive Updates, Funding Sources, Renewable Energy Practice, Branding, and more.

  • Green Building for Real Estate Professionals   ( 1 Article )
    This course offers an excellent overview of what real estate professionals may see as clients begin to show interest in these new types of renovations. The course will review the energy rating and certification process and qualify a real estate professionals’ role as these new inquiries enter the marketplace.
  • Green Building for Mortgage Professionals   ( 1 Article )
    This course offers the student a strong understanding and introduction of what green building is and how the term relates to their profession. It reviews federal agencies, green facts and new initiatives currently available to the public.
  • Green Building for Home (Property) Inspectors   ( 1 Article )
    inspector sm description needed
  • Green Building Trades   ( 1 Article )
  • Green Building Real Estate Appraisers   ( 1 Article )
    green real estate appraisers category description
  • Green Certification Resouces   ( 3 Articles )

    misc. articles about green buliding, category description

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