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Greening Your Government Level One Green Leadership

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Greening Your Government- Level One GREEN LEADERSHIP Certification


Level One of this specialized series was launched at the ICMABrown Fields Conferenceon November 15, 2009.

Designed for understanding on all levels courses, we will define concepts such as sustainability, green certifications and green standards and define materials and systems governmental leaders will begin to inquire about. We will include a step by step guide for a commitment to become more socially responsible.

An overview of renewable energy and resources will be defined new technologies and energy efficiency will be discussed. Guidelines for implementing programs to offer tax incentives and resources so students can share this information with citizens. Courses will review the energy rating and certification process and qualify governments' role as these new inquiries enter the marketplace.

Future specialty modules and will include: Transportation, Waste Management, Recycling, O& M savings, Solar, Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, Wall Systems, Grey Water, HVAC, etc-We will offer Case Studies of success in this arena..

  • Our first industrial revolution created many opportunities in the United States and around the world. With great strides always comes consequence. The need for change is paramount and government officials in all areas need a basic  understanding on green building concepts and how to implement sustainability into how they do business in the future. At each step of education and growth, checkpoints are created to make sure positive progress is held accountable and principals are adhered to and reported properly.
  • The reputation of those in government who serve the citizens of the United States is of the utmost importance in the protection of our future. Up to now, consumers in the United States view the government and big business as working against them and this must change. Government must be must be viewed as educated contributors to these major issues humankind face.
Do not under estimate the impact  greening your government initiatives will have on experiencing the immense savings in operating government. From reducing operating and management costs and reduced absenteeism for human resource directors to consider, to healthier structure for governmental employees , these represent just a sample of the green concepts our series will cover. Our certification series is meant for the all governmental professionals whether you are an important support staff member or part of purchasing decisions. We want to reach all departments to include implementing new building codes and bringing in facilities departments to acquaint them with the concepts of green building. All need


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