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Green Certified Real Estate Professional GCREP-G.L

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real estate agent course"Green Building for Real Estate Professionals/Realtors® (Licensees)" 

ARELLO educational leaders reviewed the content and this program achieved the first course approved for the Education Content Certification Program- ECCP certification.

                                                            ARELLO-ECCP Course 175012  

Green Certified Real Estate Professional GCREP-G.L.  

This course offers an excellent overview green products and materials and what real estate professionals may see as clients begin to show interest in these new types of renovations. We review and qualify a real estate professionals’ role as these new inquiries enter the marketplace for under $100-

The classroom course for Real Estate Agents has been approved for CE in many states. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Define green building, sustainable construction and sustainable design
  • List materials and criteria to promote indoor/outdoor air quality
  • Understand why "green" is important to your business and marketing efforts
  • Have a basic understanding of Global Climate Issues
  • Define Renewable energy sources as they relate to structural components

Future Certifications for Agents
G.D.M.C. - Green Design and Materials Certification - late 2010
R.E.C. - Renewable Energy Certification - late 2011
G.R.S. - Green Residential Specialist - late 2012
G.C.S. - Green Commercial Specialist - late 2012

This series is designed to allow time for laws, state and federal initiatives, and methodologies to come to a stable level for further education.

This series will expand over three years to allow this new "green" arena to implement new initiatives and laws within the United States. This will scale to allow education for all real estate professionals and those in the real estate industry an in depth full understanding on these initiatives to be implemented into each community in the United States.

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