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Investor Relations

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As our company experiences unprecedented growth, we invite you invest your time in a full review of our market niche. We are now accerting applications from partnerships including advertising and sponsorships opportunities. Do you represent Solar, Wind, ICF or SIPs or general energy efficient services or products? Do you desire getting your business out in front of the real estate community in an educational capacity? Would you like to understand how outreach training can help your business grow?

We will have advertising partners and offer directories highlighting your green service and product for those in the  real estate profession to refer their clients for inquiries. consumers. Keep in mind the average real estate professional touches 200 property owners in a year. The time has come for you to position your company, product or service for exposure to all consumers on one platform. Green is quickly becoming a natural universal term.  It is being recognized world wide referencing use of renewable energy and what we can do to incorporate sustainable and resource conserving measures in our consumption habits in daily life. Our business attitudes are changing. In our homes, children are once again brining home their training and calling on us for change. Increasing concern for air quality, changing weather patterns and the surrounding landscape is evident and demands we change in our mindset for the well being of future generations. Green represents innovation in consumer and commercial products, energy rating professions, sustainable building systems and will be opening doors for new business development within sectors concentrating on indoor air quality and the environment. Now is the time to understand this new phenomenon and position your brand now. 

Media Contact:

John P. Owens 

Chairman of Global Strategy 

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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