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Courses for children and all consumers are now available!

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 Children were instrumental in our understanding cigarettes were detrimental to our health. In the years to come, “green” products and systems will make their mark and their presence could not have come at a better time. Who ever thought a human factor would influence how consumers value their built structure?  If statistics are showing that people are more productive in green built structures, healthier in green homes, we better move quickly to make all built structures a healthier place where we live, work and play. If utility bills and gas prices had remained low, or if we hadn’t discovered that harmful chemicals had been added to almost every product we use and consume, we may have stayed naïve and remained imprisoned in our parent’s and grandparents mindset of more is better.

Our course series for children is ready for hands on in classroom delivery. Contact us for this exciting program. Consumer education is coming soon and will allow you to not have to search the Internet for hours for this information compiled in this one resource. An overview of renewable energy and resources will be defined and how these technologies will alter the built structure and the opportunities they present for you.

 An in depth understanding of efficiency and how energy is created is our educational goal for these students. Through our programs and our provider partners, those in the workforce can understand these topics and make informed decisions on their own future. Federal tax incentives and resources are reviewed so students can share this information with family and business partners. Our professional courses review the energy rating and certification process and qualify your role as these new entries enter the marketplace.

Our company, Green Real Estate Education has educated well over 6,000 in the workplace in less 3 years for under $100 per student and we are on target to educate many more in 2010. Learning about these concepts can only add to the quality of your existence from a personal or business standpoint. Since a large reason many are looking at “green building alternatives” and learning how unhealthy our indoor air quality is in our home and workplace, it affects us all. You are joining the 20,000 or more who will come on line for our series of educational offerings offering an overview of an industry in its infancy stages. We hope together for now and future generations, we can effect change and in the process…..why not make money and create new opportunities at the same time?

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