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Greening Your Government Level One Green Leadership

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appraiser course Green Certified Government Leader- Level One- Green Leadership

Syllabus for the Greening Your Government Level One class-   

This is our first level and includes an overview and introduction of
green government and how the term relates to government
infrastructure. Presented as a 4 hour module, we explore how government
departments can incorporate sustainable practices into their policies
and operations. Excellent for code officials, planning departments, council members and those in the role of leadership. Designed for understanding on all levels, we define
concepts such as designing an energy plan, sustainability, green certifications and green
standards and define materials and systems governmental leaders need
to understand. We will include a guide for a commitment to become more socially responsible.

Our Level One Green Leadership module is an overview of renewable energy and how the term relates to government and what resources are available. In addition, new technologies and energy efficiency will be discussed. Guidelines for implementing programs and we highlight the impact green government initiatives will have on the operating budgets.
Our program is meant for all governmental professionals who are looking for a program to coordinate their departments
 in creating communities for a more sustainable future.

 Contact us today for on site delivery: admin at green real estate education dot com -


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