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Green Building Trades

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construction courseBuilding Trades Courses

Construction Professionals will receive

GCCP- GL-  the Green Certified Construction Professional

Level One – Green Leadership certification


These courses and the specialty modules we offer will encompass both an overview and introduction of what green building is and how the term relates to the construction profession for understanding on all levels. Courses will look at the word sustainable and defines green standards and define materials and systems the construction professionals will begin to see in the marketplace in the next 1-3 years

An overview of renewable energy and resources will be defined and how these technologies will alter the built structure. Energy efficiency will discussed and what those in the construction industry can do to assist property owners in making informed decisions on future building and renovations. Federal tax incentives and resources are reviewed so students can share this information with their customer base. Courses will review the energy rating and certification process and qualify their role as these new entries enter the marketplace.

This is the beginning of a course series we are writing over the next 3 years to allow laws and initiatives to settle in for an industry in its infancy stages

1-3 hour specialty modules and will be broken down into various systems in the construction process, Ex: Solar,  Installation, Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing, Wall Systems, Grey Water System, HVAC, etc-We will offer Case Studies discuss Green Certifications Tax Incentives and Green Standards

  • Our first industrial revolution created many opportunities in the United States and around the world. With great strides always comes consequence. The need for change is paramount for the construction professional with regard for understanding basics on green building. At each step of education and growth, checkpoints are created to make sure positive progress is held accountable and principals are adhered to and reported properly.
  • The reputation of those in the construction industry who serve the citizens of the United States is of the utmost importance. Consumers in the United States view Real Estate as their largest lifetime financial investment and professionals who represent these structures must be viewed as educated contributors to these major issues humankind face.


Do not under estimate the impact the knowledge of green building will have on a client’s renovating and building decisions. This certification is meant for the average construction professional, subcontractor or handyman to acquaint them with the concepts of green building and to begin to offer their customers alternative construction methods, products and services.


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