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6,000+ educated and 20,000 more will receive access to green education.

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Green Education

green agent course
 Real Estate 

green inspector course
Building/Home  Inspector 
green mortgage course
Mortgage Professionals
green appraiser course
Government Leaders
construction course
Building Trades 
green consumer course
K-12 and Consumer Education

 Consider us your exclusive source for green education!

Green Real Estate Education is the fastest growing educator for quality green education focused in the real estate sectors. We offer access to LEED® training and other courses on renewable energy through our provider partners.             

Every home, school and business is located on a piece of real estate....

  For under $100, our signature GREE green education courses, designations and green certifications are recognized through our provider partners for continuing education credits by regulatory commissions and associations nationwide. We train all professions including real estate agents, government officials, mortgage professionals, your children, home and building inspectors and more. For 2010, we will add access LEED® training programs and to many more recognized green designation courses, energy training and green building related courses. Access all here! 

If you are in the workforce and/or want to understand green building basics, consider Green Real Estate Education and our provider partners as your exclusive source for green education and restructuring careers for the future. Our programs offer premier green building education utilizing cutting-edge environmental instruction and green resources for all professions involved in planning for or representing the built structure.

We have done this for 6,000 and growing. Our courses are written by green lifestyle and green building experts.  

  • Do you desire energy education training for students?
  • Do you want to be a “green certified” agent, inspector, green mortgage expert or want to have the “green” advantage of being a green certified professional for under $100? 
  • Do you have interest in the installation and maintenance of green building products and systems and what to recommend to your clients. 
  • Do you want an added advantage when you list or sell a home? Are you wondering where your local resources are or how can you market "green" to clients? 

Green Real Estate Education offers the fastest growing "green educational" programs in the United States for those in the workforce and in professions in service to the real estate industry. 

Many include a certification and are recognized by state and national organizations and most grant continuing education credits.

All who have an interest in green building, saving on utility bills or in sustainable construction techniques in either building new or in renovating existing structures will benefit from our coursework.

The objective of each course is to provide a basic knowledge of what "green building concepts" are and how they relate to your profession.
These courses will cover:

Overview of Green Building Concepts
Sustainable Building Materials and Design
What the Environment has to do with Your Profession
Energy Ratings and Renewable Energy Basics

Whether you need CE credits or want to earn a green designation to market and have a curiosity of what "green building" is and how it will impact the future of your career, contact us today. We can bring these courses to you or take our Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Professional courses on line-NOW. Click the blue button upper right! We are building our library and our other courses will soon available on line through our provider partners. Call us today.

Green Real Estate Education in the news:

"When we were created, we were not supposed to come to earth just to take what we can....we were meant to contribute to its well being, and to leave it a better place for future generations."

Kerry Mitchell

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