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EDU in the works

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As the “green revolution” continues to evolve, Green Real Estate Education will lead and effort to offer our visitors green education programs for all trades, and for all professions. Most want to understand their part and place and how they can prosper when becoming more aware of environmental issues.
hands focusing on green treeThe learning objectives our coursework will be to present students with a clearer understanding to:

  • Define what corporate and social responsibility really mean
  • Explain why the “green world” is happening now.
  • Give Examples of green concepts, products and systems.
  • Offer an overview of Green Standards and Rating Systems.
  • Understand how to apply the concepts to your particular business.
  • Position your own values in “greening” your business.
  • Understanding local marketing opportunities
  • Finding your local “green” resources
  • Market expansion opportunities
  • Developing techniques in marketing green
  • Locating green financial resources available

Our on-line course series is being developed for our web site with you in mind. We are pricing our offerings less then most courses on the net so you can learn and move into the industry quickly and efficiently.
Visit our current on line course offerings with 6 other courses getting ready to launch within weeks-

Do you have any particular ideas for courses you would like for us to develop? Are you interested on formal degree programs? Visit our College Curriculums

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