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Our Mission

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Our mission is to offer every consumer the needed resources to utilize renewable energy and become less energy dependent and save money on utility bills, operating expenses, and maintenance costs for their properties. We feel the access to this information should come from the real estate professional they rely on for advice and guidance for their real estate investment.

We offer all consumers access to our courses at Green Real Estate Education for under $100. Many who represent green products, services and system want property owners to know they exist and are ready to offer their services. There is a disconnect to get this crucial information directly to property owners and feel our course work and instructional strategies will cure this problem. The objective of each course is to provide a basic knowledge of green building concepts and how to do outreach as it relates to each discipline in the various real estate professions. We share with you the basis of our company philosophy. Green Real Estate Education and its network of companies is committed to the statement we were not meant to come to this earth to take, consume and take more. We were meant to become a contributor to its longevity and well-being, and leave it a better place for future generations. To date, humans have failed in this endeavor and most who are involved with this new age of “being green” know this.  Your decision to take our courses and learn more will come back to you in many forms. Getting involved now on any level will circumvent hearing from your children that you knew of the global climate challenges all are facing and unhealthy air quality concerns in our residences and work places becoming more evident everyday and you didn’t do anything. We promise you will get a heart felt thanks entering into this arena with commitment and then continuation of your efforts. Many have interest in the new arena of “green” for many reasons. Some believe we are experiencing global climate changes at a faster rate then we thought in the past. Some do not want to support dependance and importing oil from other countries. Others do not like to see their utility bills rise every year expected in some markets to double in 10 years. Others are just learning that normal paint, sealants and newer carpet and older carpet treated over and over, can off gas fumes to the detriment of their health.  Many are seeing what a waste it is to see how far we go to import our basics consumption needs from across the world when we can get them within a few miles. You can now embark upon the journey of becoming a part of the solution. Be creative and understand, your dreams and strengths will be utilized in this new arena. Holding back is no longer an option.



Last Updated on Wednesday, 01 April 2009 19:46