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"Introduction to Green Building for Mortgage Professionals"
Green Certified Mortgage Professional GREP-MP-G.L.
Green Leadership Level One Certification
This course offers the student a strong understanding and introduction of what green building is and how the term relates to their profession. It reviews federal agencies, green facts and new initiatives currently available to the public.
This course defines in depth the financing tools and mortgage products that need to be marketed. A thorough overview of EEM's and EIM's is covered with loan underwriting guidelines, and how these tools increase ratio's and help a homeowner to become more energy efficient. Federal tax incentives, funding and financial resources are reviewed so students can share this information with their client base.
This course offers an excellent overview of what mortgage professionals may see as clients begin to show interest in refinancing to include these new types of renovations. This course will review the energy rating and certification process and qualify the mortgage professionals role as these new inquiries enter the marketplace.
Learning Objectives:
  • Define green building, sustainable construction and sustainable design
  • List materials and criteria to promote indoor/outdoor air quality
  • Understand why "green" is so important to your business and ideas on marketing efforts
  • Have a basic understanding of Global Climate Issues
  • Define Renewable energy sources as they relate to structural components
How does this affect me?


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Contact your local associations to request our certification course. It is under $100 and you will have a logo, and a certification to use for your marketing efforts to clients.
You are in the middle of every real estate decision your clients make.
Learn more on energy efficiency!  Marketing Green....and how you can increase your income with this knowledge!
For Example:
There are more than 120 million homes in the United States, 2 million new homes are being built each year!
According to the US Dept. of Energy- the residential sector accounts for 22% of the total energy in the USA and 74% of the water consumed. 21% of Carbon Dioxide emissions are by the residential markets the real estate industry represents.
Ask yourself....Would my clients care about Energy Tax Credits or Energy Efficient Mortgages?
A tax credit can provide significant savings. It reduces the amount of income tax you have to pay. Unlike a deduction, which reduces the amount of income subject to tax, a credit directly reduces the tax itself. The final rules and forms to clarify which products and services qualify for the tax credits will be developed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Of course, you must refer clients to the final IRS rules to determine what qualiies for the tax credit.
E.E.M.S. -  Energy Efficient Mortgage Specialist Certification  -  coming in 2010
P.F. - Project Funding Certification - coming in 2010
This series is designed to allow time for laws, state and federal initiatives, and methodologies to come to a stable level for further      education. Course updates in the future will be submitted.
     This series will expand over four years to allow this new “ green” arena to begin to implement new initiatives within the United States.      This will scale to allow education for all real estate professionals and those in the real estate industry an in depth full understanding      on these initiatives to be implemented into each community in the United States.


 REALTOR® - A registered collective membership mark that identifies a   real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of   REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics. Inquiries   regarding the Code of Ethics should be directed to the board in which a   REALTOR® holds membership.

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